ʻĀINAVIS Intensive


The ʻĀINAVIS Intensive, with Hawai‘i Nonlinear is a dynamic program designed to uplift organizations and individuals dedicated to ‘Āina. Going beyond the limitations of typical surveys, this intensive brings together a carefully selected cohort of ‘Āina organizations interested to engage in comprehensive dialogue about their work and practice in ‘Āina as a protective factor of wellbeing as also an immensely physical experience with real physical requirements pertaining to the quality of our built environment.

The ʻĀINAVIS Intensive delves deep into the emerging theme of ‘Āina Built Environments, curated by Hawai‘i Nonlinear. We recognize the tangible obstacles that these environments present, and we seek to facilitate discussions and learning experiences centered around these challenges and their solutions. This intensive is a unique opportunity for aina-focused organizations to share and learn from stories of overcoming physical barriers to wellbeing.

The program serves as a vibrant platform where participants can share their experiences of tangible accomplishments in their pursuit of wellbeing. It seeks to highlight these achievements as more than mere physical output, but rather as substantial, impactful metrics often overlooked or undervalued by organizations solely focused on programmatic metrics. By delving into these aspects, the intensive aims to broaden our collective understanding of the physicality of ‘Āina work and its importance. Participants will find themselves in an atmosphere of shared exploration, mutual inspiration, and dedicated learning, engaging in dialogue about the intersection of spatial thinking, planning, architectural design, and the understated narratives of the physical achievements inherent to ‘Āina work.

The intensive nurtures a culture of collaboration and respect, promoting an exchange of knowledge that extends beyond the duration of the program itself. Participants gain access to a diverse network of peers and professionals, facilitating ongoing idea and strategy sharing. Through the intensive, we partner with each organization to identify their unique challenges and opportunities, tailoring strategies to best meet their goals. This hands-on, focused approach ensures long-lasting benefits, equipping our participants with the insights, tools, and inspiration they need to continue their essential work within the ‘Āina landscape.

In Progress Updates

The development of our "ʻĀINAVIS Intensive, with Hawai‘i Nonlinear Architecture" is currently underway, crafted with the utmost thought and care to deliver a truly impactful program. We are deeply committed to creating an experience that will resonate with and serve our participating organizations effectively. Please note that the specific details, dates, and processes of this Intensive are still being refined and will be announced at a later date. We appreciate your patience and enthusiasm, and we look forward to sharing more about this exciting venture in the near future. Stay tuned for updates and announcements as we continue to shape this transformative journey.

In the meantime, please send us a note if you’re interested to receive an update.

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